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Below are a couple of our hottest products. They might be new, being blown out at a reduced rate, or just something that we believe needs to be highlighted. Feel free to call with questions or concerns: 574.287.9817. We take pride in the products we offer and the service that we provide them with. We would love to hear from you.

AIRplus® Bubble on Demand

Manufactured on compact machines, AIRplus® Bubble is
set up as individually integrated and productive protective
packaging solution. In keeping with Storopack’s “Working
Comfort” concept, the packaging material includes a
convenient easy tear perforation for ergonomics and
speed. This allows the packer to divide the cushioning
wrap intuitively without searching for the perforation.

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Sus-Rap® Packaging

Sus-Rap® has ingeniously designed fingers that gently, but firmly suspend your product to cushion it from shocks and prevent breakage. Sus-Rap provides exceptional stacking strength forming a reinforced wall within the carton. Sus-Rap minimizes packaging and offers maximum protection while reducing costs. Poly lining is available for abrasion prone surfaces. A variety of widths, lengths and slottings are also available.

Susrap Image

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